What Our Customers Say…

Kevin & Rebecca

Rebecca: “The employees are extremely friendly and fun. They remember you. Samantha is one of our favorites. She is our friend, we met her here…and the deals! Oh gosh! “

Kevin: “We just spent $40-$50 bucks on star shower laser lights for Christmas. The same lights are here for $12 bucks today at Foremost. We’re going to shine these lights on the trees when we go camping. “

Rebecca: “It’s gonna be beautiful. We’re happy we saw them today. The pants he got on…$9 bucks and we got them here! Those are $50 pants — heavy and warm, good quality. When he says let’s go to Foremost, I say YAY!”



Carlos: “I shop at Foremost for the good prices. I buy supplies for my business here because of the really good prices and customer service.”


Rhonda & Reymar

Reymar: “It’s our first time here! Our co-workers come here all the time. “

Rhonda: ” We work down the street, so we decided to stop by during our lunch break.”

Reymar: “I got a X-Box headset. It was 40% off!”

Rhonda: “My mom was in town and I tried to bring her by the day after Christmas. We were going to check it out together, but you were closed. Today I got picture frames and also water balloons for my boys.”  


Darryl: “I got Weed & Feed today. It’s not Spring yet, but the deals are here. I got this for $26 and it’s $59 at Lowes. I just come in here and walk around and spot stuff. My cart is full.”

Mr. & Mrs. Brown

Mrs. Brown: “We like Foremost for the discount bargains. And we like the variety of bulk items.”

Mr. Brown: “A LOT of name brands. We travel all the way from Petersburg to come to Foremost.”

Mrs. Brown: “My grandsons have all benefited from my back to school shopping at Foremost.”

Mr. Brown: “Friendly atmosphere.”

Mrs. Brown: “Yes, indeed. Greg is our favorite cashier. He always kindly greets us and thanks us for coming to shop at Foremost. He is such a nice man.”



Han: “I shop at Foremost because of the convenience of its location and the prices are cheap!”


Dawn: “I’ve been coming here for years…since you were at the old location. I love it! You find good deals here. I got my kids winter coats here last Spring. They are designer coats and I got them for $17.00 each!”


Arnecia: “It was my first time here. I was very shocked. I like the variety of products and the prices. The discounts are affordable, so of course I will be coming back.”

Amanda and Charlie
Charlie & Amanda

Charlie: “Foremost has everything!”

Amanda: “We love to go thrifting and bargain shopping. Foremost is close to the city and it’s always really organized, so finding things is easy. One of the cashiers, MeMe, is extremely kind to us during every visit. My roommate told me about Foremost and then I began to bring Charlie with me. I got wine glasses the last time I was here and Mr. Greg took great care wrapping each one and then placing them in the bag.”

Charlie: “I came here today to find these shoes I saw the last time I was here and of course they’re gone! Don’t wait! If you find something you want, get it at that moment!

Amanda: “Yea. We always find things that we didn’t even come to get. I’ll be back on Friday when I get paid to get the Volcano candles you have over there. The candles make your whole place smell good, but they are really expensive in regular stores! The extra discounts at Foremost are always great!”